BRYN combines trusted international product brands such as “Oxon Technology UK” (A UK Health and Safety Board Certified) And, “Made by Mother Nature” range of ecofriendly, skin caring, health enhancing 100% Natural products.

We are National importer of “Oxon Technology UK” for Nepal. Oxon Tech has a wide range of safety products such as “Oxon Anti Slip” (a floor treatment to make floor Slip-Safe and clean-Nanotech & Biodegradable), Anti-Slip Tapes in wide color ranges, in both reflective and non-reflective, An “Anti-Slip Polish” for Wooden Floors, for both Shine and Anti-Slip property, Floor Cleaners, And Unique Paints for both internal and external, certified by UK Health & Safety Board.

BRYN GHARELU is located at Dhapashi Kathmandu. Bryn produces miltiple products based on national herbal production only. Yes, we have expertise in different herbs, essence oils, medicinal herbs & fruits, and some unique local production of Nepal, such as Cliff Honey. Yes, only Nepal.

Some of our natural productions are for human use to either cure or to protect self, naturally. Other, natural production comes in the filed of PEST CONTROL, Naturally! Yes, you heard it right. We have a wide range of pest control products totally free of POISON and harmful Chemicals/Gases. These products are produced with mindset of total health care of Humans and The Nature. Mostare natural REPELLENTS rather than KILLERS.

Our expertise run deep by having “Personal Care” as our core value. We all deserve to live happier and healthier life.

(Bryn Imports & Exports Pvt. Ltd.)

(Bryn Gharelu Udhyog)

Dhapasi Height (Next to Deurali Janata Pharmaceuticals), Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: +977 01 4377817 | Customer Service: +977-9801072796